What Are the New and Dangerous Trends in Alcohol Abuse Today?

Alcohol abuse leads to approximately 88,000 preventable deaths in the U.S. each year, making it the third most prevalent cause of avoidable fatalities. Unfortunately, an estimated 17 million adults are currently battling with an alcohol abuse problem, and 24.6% of Americans 18 or older binge drink at least once a month.

Becoming addicted to alcohol is much easier than most people would expect, especially if you have a family history of alcoholism. Due to this, it is imperative for people to carefully monitor their alcohol consumption so that they don’t slip from occasional social drinking into alcoholism. Individuals struggling with alcohol abuse should seek help, and holistic rehab has proven effective for alcoholics and their families.  Many lives have been saved and restored by the right rehab.

New and Dangerous Ways to Become Intoxicated

Traditional” methods of becoming intoxicated such as binge drinking lead to more than 10,000 DUI related deaths annually, and they can also cause a long list of other issues, including cirrhosis of the liver, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, problems with school and work performance, and an increased risk of being physically or sexually assaulted. Sadly, these statistics do not curb the desire that many people feel to not only become intoxicated but also to seek out new and increasingly dangerous methods of doing so.

Getting educated about the potentially horrible side effects of experimenting with new alcohol trends is an important step, and it can help you and your loved ones steer clear of seemingly innocuous situations that could lead to hospitalization or death. If you are already utilizing one of the latest trends, I encourage you to get help before you end up dealing with the consequences of a life shattered by alcohol abuse.

The Risks Involved with Smoking Alcohol

One of the most popular and extremely risky current trends is known as smoking or vaping alcohol. Vaping refers to inhalation of vapors. People have turned to this method as a resource for getting intoxicated without taking in any calories. Although this might seem like a “good idea” to some, doctors have stated that any version of smoking or vaping alcohol will put you in a much more likely position of dying from alcohol poisoning or developing an infection in your mucous membranes or lungs.

This is due to the fact that inhaling alcohol fumes after pouring liquor over dry ice or heating it up with a flame causes your body to skip the liver’s process of metabolism (breaking down substances within the body). Instead, this crucial step that can help save your life is taken completely out of the equation, causing the alcohol to hit your lungs and then your brain without any type of filtering effect.

According to medical professionals, the normal process of drinking alcohol gives your body the ability to force you to vomit in order to avoid alcohol poisoning. Sadly, people who choose to inhale alcohol vapor will rob their body of this natural defense mechanism, and this can cause a significant increase in preventable alcohol-related deaths.

The Many Issues Associated with Powdered Alcohol

A product called Palcohol gives people the opportunity to purchase alcohol in a powder format that can then be mixed with water or even sprinkled on food to enable the user to become intoxicated. There are many concerns about this product being connected to several serious health risks. For one, children and teens could be more attracted to it because it comes in a wide variety of flavors and is much easier to transport unnoticed than liquor or beer bottles. Experts have indicated that the convenience of the packaging serves as encouragement for over drinking, and any form of powdered alcohol will cause intoxication much quicker than a user might anticipate.

One of the biggest risks associated with powdered alcohol is the fact that some people have made the very unwise decision to use it intranasally (snort it). One person even documented the experience in an apparent attempt to showcase just how bad an idea snorting powdered alcohol actually is:

According to a report on TheWire.com, the individual in question felt his sinuses immediately plug up, and the inside of his nose felt like it was burning. He also indicated that a throbbing headache began almost immediately after snorting the substance. As if this was not unpleasant enough, he ended up passing out and then waking up with blood caked all over his face as the result of an extreme nosebleed. As you can see, snorting powdered alcohol is a terrible idea, but this has not prevented some people from doing it anyway.

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks

It has become extremely common for people to mix alcohol and energy drinks, but medical research has proven that this is a highly dangerous practice that can easily lead to an increase in DUI arrests and alcohol-related accidents. The primary reason for this is the fact that mixing alcohol with an energy drink results in a toxic combination of a stimulant and a depressant. It could be argued that it’s not the same as mixing cocaine and heroin (a stimulant and a depressant) but when one is looking at the wreckage of a DUI crash, it’s no less severe.

Even when these drinks contain the same amount of alcohol that someone would typically consume, they can still lead to serious consequences because they often leave people feeling as though they’re “more sober” than they actually are. This can quickly cause alcohol poisoning, and frequently combining energy drinks and alcohol has been linked to an increased risk of alcohol dependence (alcoholism).


Make sure that you steer clear of the latest dangerous alcohol trends and inform your family and friends so they can also avoid these dangerous and foolish pitfalls. Alcohol abuse has an extremely negative impact on every aspect of your life, but you need not permit it to continue to damage your personal and professional relationships. It is important to remember that alcoholism can affect anyone, and it is typically necessary to obtain outside assistance in order to get clean and sober and maintain it.

If you or someone you love has developed a problem with alcohol, get help in the form of combined medical and holistic detoxification and rehabilitation.

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