Why Rehab Is Needed For Alcoholism

Why Rehab Is Needed For Alcoholism

Why Rehab Is Needed For Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a very real problem. Although there are plenty of places for alcoholics to get help, the percentage of Americans who are dependent on alcohol remains extremely high. The communities that these individuals live in are forced to pay the price.

In 2006, the CDC reported the cost of excessive alcohol consumption to be about 220 billion dollars. The majority of that money came directly out of the business sector because alcoholism causes enormous losses in productivity. Depending on the community, individuals will end up paying increased taxes because of alcohol abuse. In 2010, over 10,000 individuals died in auto accidents that were caused by drunk driving.  A large portion of these deaths were innocent individuals who were driving near someone who was driving while drunk.

Unfortunately, there are two major paths alcoholics take all too commonly. The first path lands them in prison for a long period of time, and the second path leads to premature death. It’s important to understand that an alcoholic’s life is at stake.

Rehab is a Place for Alcoholics to Recover

Many people, alcoholics included, make the mistake of assuming alcoholism is just like any other addiction. While it shares many traits of other types of addiction, it’s also different in several ways. Since the 1960s, alcoholism has been considered to be a disease. It’s important for people to understand that alcohol rehab is never a place for shame or guilt; it’s meant to be a place for alcoholics to recover. If an alcohol addiction is not treated, it can lead to very serious health consequences.

Excessive alcohol use is known to destroy the liver, but it’s also known to cause decreased bone density, gastrointestinal problems and heart disease. It can even decrease the production of blood cells. As an alcohol addiction progresses, an individual will find it difficult to sustain simple daily activities. Such an addiction can lead to thoughts of suicide, severe anxiety and depressive episodes. It’s crucial to understand that without rehab a person’s alcohol problem will not go away automatically. In fact, it will only get worse over time. The effects of alcoholism reach far beyond an individual’s personal life. An alcohol addiction can cause massive pain and dysfunction within an entire family.

The NIAAA says approximately 5,000 people under 21 die every single year because of automobile crashes, poisoning, suicides and homicides involving alcohol. Fortunately, there is still hope, and a reputable alcohol rehab center can change everything.

What Is Rehab For Alcoholism?

In most cases, an alcoholism rehab center provides the greatest chance for long-term recovery. It gives an individual the chance to start a happier, healthier life, which is free of alcohol abuse. Rehab usually begins with a period for detox, which can range from five to seven days.

During the detox period, the individual’s body is cleansed of all alcohol. Depending on the specific individual, the detox process can bring some very unpleasant withdrawal effects with it. Some withdrawal symptoms that can arise during detox are chills, sweats, depression and irritability.  However, detox is an essential step of recovery. After the detox period is over, inpatient care can begin, and the underlying causes of the alcohol problem can be discovered. Rehab is essential for alcoholism because alcohol can cause the most severe withdrawal symptoms.  Without proper care, an individual can actually die from the withdrawal symptoms caused by alcohol. Rehab is also needed because it provides the best level of care for alcoholics, and it gives them the best chance for long-term recovery.

Rehab and Inpatient Care For Alcoholism

There are some distinct advantages that inpatient care has over outpatient care. Residential alcohol rehab involves an individual moving into a setting that is like a dorm or private room. In this setting, the individual receives constant care from trained professionals.

Rehab for Alcoholism

Rehab for Alcoholism

Inpatient treatment gives individuals a place to focus on beating their alcohol addiction. It also gives them a way to focus on their recovery process. Anyone who has a serious alcohol addiction needs to have 24/7 treatment because it’s this treatment and supervision that enables them to avoid relapse. Individuals who have an alcohol problem must fully immerse themselves in a setting for recovery. Many alcoholics believe they can beat the addiction on their own, and statistics show that this just isn’t true. In fact, it’s basically proven that alcoholism needs to be treated with rehab. Inpatient treatment has been shown to be the most effective treatment option for alcoholism. It offers several advantages over other forms of treatment.

With inpatient rehab, alcoholics receive the constant care that they need to recover, and it provides all of the essential tools that are needed to stay sober. If left untreated, alcoholism poses some very serious health risks and can lead an individual to jail, or even death.

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