How to Tell if Your Drinking has Become a Serious Problem

Drinking Problem

Man with drinking problem.

You thought that you had your drinking under control. It began as a few drinks after work and another to relax before bed. Now it’s a part of your day that you can’t escape and it’s consuming you. Drinking is simply something you have to do now and it’s making it hard to function. While so many think this legalized drug is nothing to worry about, alcohol is addictive and can lead to major trouble in your life. Once an addiction takes hold of you, your entire life revolves around getting more. If you can’t stop thinking about that next drink and you can no longer help yourself, you are in trouble.

Alcohol and Easy Access: A Bad Combination

One of the biggest problems with alcohol is the fact that it is a legalized drug. It can be found in any grocery store, liquor store, bar, restaurant, and in most households. With such easy access, it’s small wonder so many people in America are struggling with this personal demon. It’s especially difficult to resist temptation when alcohol is such a popular part of our culture, present at social functions throughout the year, and available in many inexpensive forms. Take a look at the national trends from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. They prove that alcohol is hard to avoid.

  • Nearly 60% of women had a drink in the past year. Roughly 70% of men indulged as well.
  • Nearly 30% of women were binge drinkers, joining over 40% of the men.
  • 3 or more drinks a day was common for 22% of the women and 42% of the men.

The Negative Impact of Alcohol on the Body
An occasional drink is not a concern. However, indulging in alcohol on a regular basis can have a major impact on your health. If you are a binge drinker, you are especially at risk for a host of problems. Even one bout of drinking in excess can have serious ramifications. The next time you pick up that bottle, can, or glass think about the following:

  • Alcohol can change your thought processes, moods, and affect coordination
  • Drinking is hard on the heart, wearing it down.
  • Drinking is a ticket to high blood pressure and strokes.
  • Alcohol is extremely harmful to the liver and can result in many problems.
  • Drinking can lead to pancreatitis, a life-threatening condition involving the pancreas.
  • Alcohol in excess weakens the immune system.
  • Drinking can lead to various forms of cancer.

What are Symptoms of an Alcohol Disorder?

If you are truly a victim of an alcohol disorder, there are a host of symptoms that could be making it harder for you to function in your day-to-day activities. They include:

  • An inability to control yourself. Once you start, you can’t stop.
  • Intense cravings that fill you with a burning desire for that next drink.
  • An increased tolerance, forcing you to drink more alcohol to get the same results.
  • Physical dependence on alcohol, resulting in withdrawal when you don’t get a drink in time.

Too Much Alcohol is Leading You Toward a Dead End

Continue on your present course with alcohol and you are heading the wrong way on a one-way street to a terrible ending. Alcohol is destructive and will wreck everything in its path as you are forced to get your hands on more each day. If you’ve reached the point of no return, you know you can’t stop by yourself. You can’t even get enough, forced to drink more on a daily basis just to get by. It’s clouding your mind and your decision-making. Alcohol will have a negative impact on your career and your relationships. It can lead to major legal troubles if you get behind the wheel of your car after a bout of binging. Worst of all, alcohol is destroying your body. You want to stop before it’s too late, but withdrawal takes you down each time that you try. The shaking, nausea, and intense anxiety force you back to take another drink. You have two choices. You can stay on your present course and expect a tragic ending or you can get help.

Rehabilitation is the Answer
You need to turn to the experts in an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Hand over your burden and place yourself in good hands with a compassionate, trained staff that is ready to assist you through every phase of the battle. You will not have to face your struggle with alcohol alone. When you choose rehab, you’re choosing to make yourself the top priority, remove yourself from temptation, and turn your life around.


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