What are the Dangers of Detoxing From Drugs or Alcohol Alone?

detox dangers

Man in danger from detoxing alone

Detox is a complex process that needs to be conducted with care and caution. This is something that must not be performed alone as there are risks involved. While many people think that this is an easy process that comes without any possible complications, experts confirm that this must be performed under strict supervision.

Unlike the regular body detoxification process, detoxing from alcohol and drugs is a more complicated process that involves some potential risks. Thus, it is recommended that this is done with strict supervision. Anyone who wishes to get off dependence on drugs or alcohol should only pursue this through a licensed and certified detox facility. In a detox facility, the condition of the patient is continuously monitored and he or she is supervised around the clock by health care professionals.

What Makes Alcohol and Drug Detox Dangerous?

Most people believe that alcohol and drug detox is simple and it is probably more of a change in behavior. However, not all cases are equal. While some alcoholics and drug abusers can have one or perhaps two episodes to moderate their drinking behavior or their drug use, not all alcoholics and drug abusers are able to do so as they would require a more complex approach.

Detoxing from alcohol and drugs is considered the first step in seeking to overcome issues and problems caused by drinking too much and using drugs excessively. The risks involved in the process come when the alcoholic stops drinking alcohol suddenly and the drug user stops using the drug suddenly. Sudden alcohol or drug cessation can actually cause several adverse effects. Such adverse effects include convulsions, hallucinations, and heart seizure. Moreover, this can also result in death.

Detoxing from alcohol and drugs is not something that should be taken lightly. Thus, this process must not be attempted alone. It is important to seek help from healthcare professionals and enroll in a reliable detox facility for drug and alcohol abuse.

What Happens During the Detoxification Process?

Alcohol and drug detox comes in two phases. The first phase happens over a short period of time usually a few days. During this phase, the person undergoing detox could experience problems. Such problems can be fatal without any professional medical intervention. The second phase, on the other hand, is a longer phase of the detox process. This phase occurs over months. In this phase, the brain will begin to regulate as well as resume normal functioning. During this phase, there may be lingering symptoms. However, the symptoms are usually not life threatening.

The first phase of the detoxification process may yield symptoms such as:

  • anxiety
  • convulsions
  • hallucinations
  • delirium tremens
  • heart failure
  • nausea, insomnia
  • shakiness
  • seizures

Symptoms of drug detox will likely depend on the type of drugs being abused. The severity of the symptoms, as well as the frequency of the symptoms will depend on the history of abuse and the type of substances being abused. In addition, the physical condition of the individual will also play an important role in these aspects. Physical condition can pertain to any exacerbating and co-existing medical and psychological disorders. However, the risks involved in the detoxification process for all serious abusers of drugs and alcohol are potentially severe enough that this must never be attempted alone.

Should One Consider Enrolling in a Professional Detox Facility?

Enrolling in a detox facility is considered the safest way to handle detoxification. The facility will have a structured and guided detoxification program that would make the entire process safe for the patients. They also have healthcare professionals who can monitor the health condition of the patients. Moreover, therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy are available to make the process easier.

In a detox facility, every individual who needs help will be assessed properly. The detox intervention will be based on the needs of the individual and on the substance abuse history and the health condition of the patient. The patient’s progress will be monitored 24/7. Moreover, additional interventions will be provided based on the assessment of the patient’s progress and his or her additional needs.

Enrolling in a detox facility will also provide peace of mind to the patient as well as his or her family. With the professional healthcare that will be provided in the facility, the patient and his or her family will be at ease and they will know that proper help is provided and the risks of detoxification will be reduced. With the help of a detox facility and healthcare professionals, an alcoholic or drug abuser is given that second chance at being clean. Moreover, they are given the chance to live normal lives without the threat posed by being drug or alcohol dependent.


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